Cabin in the valley


// simple and elegant //

// small and essential //

These phrases were the guiding principles uttered during the concept design for a forever retreat home, a primary home that acts like a vacation home always. JA and the owners were simpatico - that this is how to live! A retreat doesn’t mean overly refined, it means quite the opposite to this family: paring down all excess to make for an easy to maintain and clean home, loving everything that you do own, and using timeless materials that never tire.

Fair Isle Brewing


Four industrial buildings in Ballard looking inconspicuous from the outside and touching wall-to-wall on the inside became the perfect layout for a brewery and tasting room. The site is rich with quirky architectural details and remnants from past industrial use. We prioritized an interior ‘main street’ as circulation between all four buildings to allow intersections between activities, while special attention was given to blend the new design elements with the existing character. The owners want to elevate the Seattle beer scene by providing a European experience for serving farmhouse beers similar to the true saisons along the Belgium-France border.

Machine House

Brewery Tap

A well-respected brewery already operating out of the Georgetown neighborhood has opened a second location in the Central District. Appealing to soccer fans and cask-conditioned ale fans alike, this tap room is light and airy during the day, while the darker wood paneling makes it feel more like an English pub in the evenings. Just across from Seattle University’s soccer field and amid other vibrant restaurants and bars, makes it a perfect destination for those International beer lovers.

The Reef


A turn of the century building with a rounded brick facade and giant storefront windows became the perfect location for a cannabis shop in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The local owners were interested in defining their brand with this second location and making a statement to the street below. The result was playful retail ‘bubbles’ lining the windows to showcase product and a giant jellyfish mural on the outside by Seattle’s very own graffiti artist, Weirdo. Existing beams and car-decked ceiling were exposed above, while hot-rolled steel accents and freshly poured concrete counters make a hip locale to find organic and sustainable cannabis.

Urban Condo


Two retired empty-nesters looking to lead a minimalist life, trading their Lake Washington home of forty years for a 2,500 square foot condo and trading their backyard for Pike Place Market. They embraced the industrial aesthetic, exposing the concrete structure beneath all the drywall and a sleek light palette to become the backdrop for all their beautiful artwork and sculpture.

Work done while with SkB Architects.