Fair Isle Brewery Headquarters

Farmhouse beer is wildly-fermented, mixed-cultured beer that you want to have any time of day because it's refreshing and drinkable. The mission of the two local owners is to provide a beer tasting experience unparalleled in Seattle. Opening Summer 2019.

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2018-0824 FIB beer garden small.png
2018-0824 FIB inside tasting room small.png

Port Angeles Wharf

A 30-year old indoor mall is getting a major upgrade to become an urban amenity, focusing on turning an entire elevated parking deck into a nature garden and playscape, celebrating views of the mountains and the waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

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Capitol Hill Retail

Superior quality and experience is the focus for a new retail shop at a prominent Capitol Hill corner. 


Machine House Brewery Tap

A well-respected brewery already operating out of the Georgetown neighborhood has opened a second location. Appealing to soccer fans, this cafe-like tap room is light and airy - just across from Seattle University’s soccer field and amid other vibrant restaurants and bars, making it a destination for those cask beer lovers.

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Seattle, WA


Two retired empty-nesters looking to lead a minimalist life, trading their Lake Washington home of forty years for a 2,500 square foot condo and trading their backyard for Pike Place Market. They embraced the industrial aesthetic, exposing the concrete structure and sleek light palatte with pops of fun color. Work done while with SkB Architects.


Cabin in the Woods

A refreshing reset for a small family to reorient their lives out of the busy city and fold back into nature. Grasping the wind in the trees and the light moving through the house by transom windows above the perimeter, the walls on the inside are never full height, allowing light and sounds to bleed from room to room.

2018-1009 Cabin plans.jpg
2018-1009 Cabin plans 3.jpg

Queen Anne Update

Designing a new floor plan for a couple who wants more flexible spaces to live, work and entertain. 'An office is a bedroom is a guest room', is the motto, making a more universal plan that works for many and any use. High on the hill, the views from the home are to the Sound, the vaulted ceilings are maximized and the design takes advantage of the southern light. 


Queen Anne Refresh

A 1909 house due for an update with a couple who wants to make it more comfortable for frequent family visitors, creating a Master Suite second level and detached Guest Apartment above a new Garage.