The image above is a light series called ‘Circuit’, a lovely series of wall sconces and suspended chandeliers. Most light fixtures are plastic painted to look like metal or a cheaper metal painted to look like a more expensive metal. It is quite difficult to find real metal fixtures, especially ones that are delicate and handcrafted, like pieces of jewelry hanging from ceilings and walls much like elegant earrings or a statement necklace. Apparatus makes other gorgeous fixtures in their different and ever evolving collections, but this one (Circuit) is by far a favorite.



Last year I was enthralled with a podcast WBUR produced called Last Seen about the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist that happened almost 30 years ago. They still have no idea who stole 13 works of art, mostly paintings, but also sculptures and a few Degas sketches. The Vermeer painting ‘The Concert’ was the most expensive art stolen and it is valued today at $200 million dollars.

Riveted and thrilled, I listened to it twice in full and still check back every once and awhile to see if they have any updated episodes because the case still isn’t solved. I even read a couple of books about the heist afterwards to learn more than what the podcast shared by a few of the reporters that have been covering the story for the last 3 decades! You can’t make a story this good: Boston mobsters, world-renowned art thieves and a museum guard that clearly made it look like an inside job. A highly recommended listen!


In 2007, Artaic was founded by an entrepreneur and mechanical engineer who wanted to solve the problem of expensive and time-consuming mosaic tile work. He commissioned a robot to do the task and years later (and with more robots added to the team), they have truly transformed the process, from one that used to be arduous to one that is now pain-free. It is inspiring to see people reinventing age old artisan crafts in a very traditional and non-innovative industry to give it a revamp by commercializing it and giving more people access to amazing custom tile murals for their homes and businesses. This image is from Artaic’s website for a restaurant called ‘ Spice Kit ’.



We took the studio to see the new movie about the Barcelona Pavilion designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona (then called the German Pavilion). It was meant to be a temporary structure never seen after the Exposition, but in the 1980s the City of Barcelona put great effort into its reconstruction on the original site. Being a Spanish production, the film was lyrical and flowed to the cadence of the cast speaking about the past and from memories, as most were involved in the reconstruction or had done a lifelong study of the building. Catalan language is a beautiful and rhythmic compliment to the pavilion’s architectural statement.

SIFF in Seattle Center hosted the event put on by Space.City - always a joy to support two inspirational organizations!