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I don't plan to shop when traveling, but I do plan to take home an item of designvalue to remember the trip and make a mark in time with a physical object I will associate forever with that place. On our trip to Copenhagen in June I purchased a pair of sneakers that were made locally in the neighborhood we stayed in, a company that has been making footwear since 1968. Like any other trip, I wasn't explicitly looking for a particular item. For me, I am on the lookout and fully trust something will 'appear' if it's meant to be. I do have criteria for the item of designvalue and it has to comply with 3 out of 3 to win:

  1. Something I will use and use often.

  2. Something that is durable.

  3. Something I can fit in my bag (at least I haven't broken this rule yet)

They are comfortable and well conceived, and beautiful. Is there more that design should offer? Check out Born//Raised footwear: https://bornandraised1968.com/