Last year I was enthralled with a podcast WBUR produced called Last Seen about the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist that happened almost 30 years ago. They still have no idea who stole 13 works of art, mostly paintings, but also sculptures and a few Degas sketches. The Vermeer painting ‘The Concert’ was the most expensive art stolen and it is valued today at $200 million dollars.

Riveted and thrilled, I listened to it twice in full and still check back every once and awhile to see if they have any updated episodes because the case still isn’t solved. I even read a couple of books about the heist afterwards to learn more than what the podcast shared by a few of the reporters that have been covering the story for the last 3 decades! You can’t make a story this good: Boston mobsters, world-renowned art thieves and a museum guard that clearly made it look like an inside job. A highly recommended listen!