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Alright Friends! 10 colleagues 10 years is a podcast series where I interview 10 of my colleagues from architecture school, 10 years after graduating. We all went to Texas A&M University received a degree from the College of Architecture, but ended up in drastically different places. This podcast is a celebration of what a non-traditional architecture degree offers for the skills it teaches. It’s 10 individual stories of navigating a career path. I hope you get inspiration from these stories and thanks for listening!

The Details

The show is currently available for download on this website and through Apple Podcasts here and Stitcher here. Our hope is that podcast viewers will like what they hear and other platforms will be available to us in the future to share with a broader audience. With that in mind, please keep listening, liking and sending positive feedback!

Schedule: (1) episode issued per week until all 11 episodes have been released. Episode issued for download on Friday at 9AM PST.

Cast & Crew

Interviews written and conducted by Heather Pogue

Interviewees (in no particular order):

Chris Nagelhout, woodworking and organic farming

Stephanie Strickland, senior engineering manager at NIO USA

Seth Brunner, architect at COOKFOX Architects and musician

Erin Peavey, healthcare advocate and architect

Richard McFarland, architect and aspiring firefighter

Carlos Gamez, architect at Foster + Partners

Sallie Dean, full-time momma and part-time illustrator

Sam Tannehill, US Air Force Air Battle Manager

Rodney Hill, professor at Texas A&M University

Bob Turek, maker of the everyday object

Candace Wong, architect and sole practitioner


Music by Seth Brunner

Audio editing and Cover Art by Heather Pogue


About the Creator

Heather Pogue runs her small practice Jeunesse Architects in order to create and design in multiple platforms and mediums. She is a registered architect in the state of Washington, a published author and a former college radio DJ.

This podcast was envisioned originally as a book where interview questions were written down in a visioning session in 2015. As with many ideas, once it gets written in ink it either disappears into the atmosphere or won’t stop popping up in the subconscious. This idea was clearly formed and clearly stuck, requiring a medium of expression to be put to rest.

The intention for Heather was an effort to stay connected to the people she considers family, her former architecture school colleagues, while balancing architecture with other artforms. Rather than the project becoming a book, the project took form in a collection of audio interviews, edited into podcast form.

What people are saying…

“ I do not know Heather personally, but…please tell her fellow Aggies are listening and she is doing a fantastic job with the podcast! “ - John Sullinger

“ What a wonderful subject! Makes me think about my interior design classmates- and all the different places we ended up! ”

- Andrea Clark

“ I cannot wait to listen to these during my commute! “ - San Francisco designer

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