Episode 2 // Chris Nagelhout // Woodworking and Organic Farming

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Chris never intended to be an architect. He went into Environmental design knowing he would take over his family’s millwork business after getting his degree. He utilized the program for its flexibility, knowing it could foster his non-architectural interests in furniture design and woodworking. After a brief stint with the millworking business, he decided to pursue residential real estate for most of the last 10 years, while also starting an organic farm outside Austin as the new family business. Chris’ story is one showing the many possibilities that are offered when you implement design thinking to solve problems.


Photo Gallery of Chris’s woodworking projects mentioned in the episode >>

Episode 1 // Rodney Hill // Introduction to Environmental Design

Rodney Hill is many things to many people. He has been a cornerstone of the Texas A&M College of Architecture since the 60s when he relocated from Berkeley, CA to teach classes on creative thinking and ‘futures’ studies. Fast forward 50 years and many students later, to a professor who has continually expanded young minds by fostering creativity, helping students find their design voice, and navigate a challenging degree. I thought what better way to explain what an Environmental Design degree is and what endless possibilities it offers than Rodney and what a perfect introduction to the podcast as a whole.


Photo Gallery of Rodney Hill teaching and his famous woodcarvings >>