Episode 5 // Carlos Arnoldo Gámez // Architect at StArchitect firm

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A ‘stArchitect’ is an architect that has reached international fame and celebrity-like status. Carlos has worked for not one, but two stArchitecture firms in NYC since graduating from Rhode Island School of Design. Both firms, Robert A.M. Stern Architects (RAMSA) and Foster + Partners, have projects so big that the teams work around the clock. When architects across the world finish their day, the architects in the NYC office pick up where they left off. Carlos is an observer, always framing life through his camera lens and excels at industrial-scaled designs and printmaking. Carlos’ journey is our inside look at working for an international ‘stArchitecture’ firm.

Photo Gallery of Carlos’ student work while at both Texas A&M and RISD, along with a Toronto-based project from Foster + Partners he is currently working on >>