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The last 20/20 series of 2017 is upon us! Thrilled to round out the first series of Jeunesse Architects and excited about what the new year brings for our resources section. Hope you feel more wise to close out your year! Happy Holidays all!

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Part cinq is here and ready for your monthly read. Enjoy the next 20/20 series: Navigating the Construction Document phase while it lasts! Our next one will be the last of the year and will close out the navigating series. Stay tuned for 12/20 and more surprises in the new year!

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We are so very excited about this post and we had it ready and waiting to load on the 20th, but looks like now is the time because: WHY NOT? You early birds will get content sooner and those that check in on the 20th will still be satisfied after reading the next installment in the 20/20 series: Navigating the Design Development phase. Enjoy part quatre!

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Fall weather has literally just started to fall with a thunderstorm this afternoon and chilly sweater weather yesterday. To celebrate, we are providing the third installment of our 20/20 series titled Navigating the Schematic Design phase. It wouldn't be a stretch to call this the architect's favorite phase because of how new and unconstrained everything is in this fledgling stage. Of course, let me know if you have any comments or input - it's always welcome and encouraging! Enjoy part trois!

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It's that time again! We are releasing the second part of our 20/20 Series titled Navigating the Construction Contract. This is another daunting, but ironically easy, part of the process that we mean to demystify by providing a solid summary of the three most common types of contracts that contractors use when building a home. There are strengths and weaknesses inherent in each contract, but they are absolutely project-dependent so comparing this information with what project you have in mind will help assess which contract is right for you. Enjoy part deux!

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We are happy to announce a new resources section to the website. The first resource project will be titled 20/20 Series. Every 20th day of the month over the next 6 months we will unveil a new resource focused on the topic of NAVIGATING, each containing tips, tricks and suggestions about architecture and design to help you navigate the process like a pro! This first one particularly is one we are passionate about helping people understand the daunting process of design and when or why to hire an architect. Enjoy l'original!